Monday, July 2, 2007


In lieu of real blog content, I will give you an update on my international mail activity. I have received seven postcards from abroad and have sent 12 to such countries as South Korea, Sweden, China, Bulgaria, Portugal and Czech Republic. My map looks like this (sent cards in red, received in blue):

It's thrilling to receive these surprises in the mail. And fascinating to see where they came from and what these strangers will say to me. Here's what I've received so far:

From Rome:

Hi, Erin, You said "old pictures" and I have one for you! This is a particular of the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo. Best wishes, Rita

From Warendorf, Germany:

Hi Erin! Many greets from Warendorf send you Tamara. WAF is a nice little town with old houses... On this card you see some pictures of the town, the marketplace, the shopping streets... I like to live here! Have a nice day

From Cascais, Portugal:
(This guy writes REALLY small.)

Hello, Erin! Here goes a card, showing an old house at Cascais, 18 miles west of Lisbon. Formerly, it was a residence of counts; now it's the Cascais Municipal Museum. There are many of such old houses at Cascais, belonging to wealthy families. Cascais is a good spot for seafood lovers, too. In the 1970s it was a pilgrimage place for rock and jazz concerts. I went there quite a few times, both for rock and for jazz. The hall where those concerts took place has already been demolished. But the accoustique wasn't famous; it was just a symbol of music events with its own history. Cascais coast is a kind of stretching the north bank of Tagus River, beyond its mouth into the ocean, soon after Lisbon city limits. It's in Cascais that the coast line turns to north, alternating rocky cliffs and sandy beaches, where the international surf and windsurf competitions occur. That's all now. Best wishes, Erin! Jose

From Suomi, Finland:
(I got two from Suomi in one day.)

Hi Erin! I'm 16 years old girl from Finland. I hope you will like this card. I love postcrossing, because I think it's fun to get postcards from all world. Wish you and your family all the best. Taina

Greetings from Finland! The old house on the card is typical Finnish sauna. We love our saunas and every family has one. I'm 40 years old Finn, married to an American. We live in eastern Finland and have twins. Finland is covered with forests and we have over 100,000 lakes. Wishing you fantastic summer! Happy postcrossing! Kirsi

From Vailate, Italy:

Hello, my name is Leonardo Bellotti and I live in Vailate in Italy. My main passion is the landscape photography. The photographies that you can find on this postcard are mine. Italy is a wonderful country, to visit. I invite you to have a look at my website where you will find a lot of photographic galleries about the Italian landscape. I love music new age, and most of all music of Yanni. Leonardo

And from Hameenlinna, Finland:

Hello! Greetings from Hameenlinna, Finland. In your profile you said that you like dogs. I hope this fellow will cheer you. Happy postcrossing. Nina

And yes, it has cheered me.