Monday, March 16, 2009

Nothing new

The Google search that most often brings people to my blog is the phrase “Rush Limbaugh is a fucking idiot,” which was the title of a post from mid-October. But as you know, Rush Limbaugh continues to be a fucking idiot, even when there’s not an impending national election. I’m impressed that so many other people think so, too.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In business

Another new endeavor for me (besides fondling my new pens) has been my Etsy shop, Wall Work. I'm selling modern cross stitch pieces, mostly plant and animal designs, with a few word pieces thrown in (as seen at left).

I've been featured on Etsy's front page three times (here, here and here) and in Etsy's blog, The Storque, in a post called "Who's Got Talent?" I've also been featured in a couple of other blogs, including the very cool decor8. And all that attention is extremely flattering, even if it didn't result in any actual sales.

In total, I've had six sales in the past three and a half months, which I think is pretty good, considering what I sell and at what price point. My first sale was this shell piece:

I've become moderately obsessed with Etsy, visiting the site dozens of times a day, hanging around the discussion forum, following on Twitter, monitoring my shop on Google Analytics and the various other sites that track shop stats. I try to do as much of my shopping there as possible, and I have bought some really fantastic stuff. In short, I'm having a lot of fun with it.

I don't want this blog to turn into a nonstop Etsy promotion, but because it's on my mind so much, I may write about it from time to time and may even feature some of the really neat shops I discover.

In fact, here's a shop I just recently came across:

Ashley Pahl makes some beautiful note cards and other paper goods. I especially love how she combines paper and felt. Makes me want to reach out and touch them.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Not quite a feast

But at least an end to the famine. I may start off a bit slowly, though, as I climb back into the blogging saddle.

After two months, my most important news is this: I'm in pen heaven.

After months of struggling with a bunch of my own pens that weren't quite right and the office-issued ones that were dreadful, I turned to the Web. Five to nine business days later, I had a set of Staedtler triplus fineliners, maybe the best pens ever. They are extra-fine felt tips, long and thin and triangular. A joy to hold, a delight to write. True, the yellow will be utterly useless, but I can overlook its inclusion.

Right now I'm using the blue for my day planner and green for my ineffective to-do lists. I'm looking for excuses to take notes about things. This morning I let a co-worker briefly borrow one and felt substantial anxiety until she had returned it.

I would've absolutely swooned for these pens back in my diary-writing days, when colorful, smooth-writing pens were a necessity of life. These days they simply brighten my day a bit and almost make me wish this blog were a long-hand endeavor.