Monday, March 8, 2010


I thought I had unearthed every morsel of my childhood diary-writing days, but there was one more gem hiding in a notebook behind some old school reports.

I think this is from seventh grade. It is addressed to the members of Psychotic People Who Write in Diaries, which at that point consisted of myself, Sara, Leslie and Rachel.

P.P.W.W.D. Members,

As you all know we are planning to have a party as soon as possible. Because of this fact Sara and I are putting this newsletter out to inform you of what is being planned. First of all, anything we do will have to wait until Erin's parents go to bed. But after that we have the whole night. Now we'll decide what order we're going to do all this that night, with the exception of this. Rachel must be united into the uniting group as soon as Erin's parents go to bed. Otherwise she would be an outsider. After that's out of the way we're able to do any number of things. One of the things we'll be doing is having confession. Now just to make this clear no confession can be confessed twice. After the night the confession was made it's in the past, hopefully never to be dug up again. That's the point of confession, to put bad things that we have done or that has been done to us in the past so they won't torment us, and make us worry anymore.

Another thing we will be doing is having an annoying session. Now things that you have said annoyed you in the past can be repeated but only if it can be changed. If it's something like, "I hate the way your mother says sorry" or something don't mention because it won't do anyone any good.

We will also be going on THE GREAT TAPE SEARCH. Erin's mother found our tape of many important things. Things we really don't want to lose forever. I must say I don't want be deprived of seeing Erin and Sara singing, "Hum Hum Hum. Hum Hum Hum. Hum Hum Hum Hum Hum." with their own lyrics.

We are going to do something new in honor of Rachel as our newest member of our little group. We are going to tell each other what we feel is their best feature. Then it is your choice if you want to hear your worst. I personally would suggest hearing you worst. It will make things more interesting and then you'll know what to try to hide.

We are also going to watch Silence of the Lambs. Because Rachel's never seen it, we love it, and we haven't had a party yet where we didn't. We have to watch it in the dark and we have to watch the whole thing with no huge stops.

We are also going to make a ougji board and see if we can get a somewhat intellegent spirit. Sara and I have done some ghost research and we might go ghost hunting too.

This concludes our newsletter.

P.P.W.W.D. FOREVER!!!!!!!!